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UNIQUE ARTWORKS. Art2Wear. Or hang on the wall. 

Amazing Ace was born and bred in Langa, Cape Town. And his art is making waves. Each item is unique. once-off. And reflects his environment. Adorned with pure JEANius. 

His streetwear items are his canvases. And we, his patrons are living galleries.

ACE is inspired by the streets; by Africa; by the World.  JEANius EXCHANGE is a homage to Jean Michel  Basquiat. And To artistic freedom. In our lifetime.

Ace can be commissioned to up-cycle any jacket, pants, hats, shoes. 

For the CANNABIS EXPO, Ace has created cannabis-themed and hemp inclusive products.

- Jackets - Denim and Workwear

- Pants - Workwear

- Kufi Hemp Headwear

- Shoppers and Caps

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Please also go to for Cannabis Expo specials.